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05/13/2024State Plan Service Authorization Suspension
05/01/2024Provider Self Audits 2024
04/23/2024Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement
04/09/2024Explanation of Benefits Submission for Claims Processing
04/09/2024Duplicate Claims Submission via Provider Express
04/04/2024Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement
04/01/2024Quarterly Participant Newsletter issue 10
04/01/2024Quarterly Provider Newsletter issue 5
03/27/2024Clinical Operations Secure Email
03/14/2024Change Healthcare Cyber Security Issue - UPDATE
03/14/2024Service Authorization Testing
03/14/2024Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement
03/11/2024Optum Pay Access and Electronic Remittance Advice
03/11/2024Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement
03/05/2024Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement
03/01/2024Change Healthcare Cyber Security Issue
02/29/2024Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement
02/28/2024Technical Assistance Teleconference: Therapeutic Treatment Homes \ Home Based Family Treatment - Cancelation
02/21/2024Updating of Provider Information
02/21/2024Tax Year 2023 1099 Forms
02/21/20242024 Behavioral Health Collaborative Conference
02/19/2024Optum Pay Financial Bank Email Communication
02/19/2024Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement
02/14/2024Optum Pay Alert Communication – President’s Day
01/23/2024Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement

January 10, 2024 Technical Assistance Teleconference Update

01/08/2024Optum Pay Alert Communication - Martin Luther King, Jr.


Quarterly Provider Newsletter Issue 4


Quarterly Participant Newsletter issue 9
2023 Updates


12/26/2023Optum Pay Alert Communication – New Year’s Day
12/18/2023Optum Pay Alert Communication – Christmas Day

Technical Assistance Teleconferences - 2024

12/13/2023Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement – December 16, 2023
11/15/2023Optum Pay Alert Communication - Thanksgiving Day
11/15/2023Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement – November 17, 2023
11/08/2023Change in Claim Number ID
10/31/2023Service Authorization Status Change for Provider Records - UPDATE

Quarterly Participant Newsletter Issue 8

10/02/2023Optum Pay Alert Communication – Columbus Day
10/02/2023Optum Alaska CEO, Operations Director, and Tribal Liaison

Quarterly Provider Newsletter Issue 3

09/28/2023Service Authorization Status Change for Provider Records
09/26/2023Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement - September 28, 2023

Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement - September 15, 2023

09/15/20232023 Behavioral Health Collaborative Conference
08/24/2023Suspension of Service Authorizations for 1115 Waiver Services
08/17/2023Remittance Advice Codes and Denial Reasons – UPDATED
08/17/2023Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement

Service Authorization Update

08/02/2023Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement
08/01/2023Suspension of Service Authorizations for Specific State Plan Services
07/31/2023Remittance Advice Codes and Denial Reasons - UPDATED
07/25/2023Provider Resources Links - UPDATED 2
07/21/20231115 BH Waiver PDF Fillable Form
07/21/2023Optum Pay Website Outage Due to Scheduled Maintenance: July 22, 2023

Service Authorization Dates of Service in Provider Express – UPDATE

07/14/2023Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement
07/07/2023Quarterly Provider Newsletter Issue 2
07/07/2023Quarterly Participant Newsletter Issue 7
07/06/2023Service Authorization Dates of Service in Provider Express
07/05/2023Service Authorization Online Portal - UPDATE (8)

Payment Rates for Behavioral Health State Plan Services Increasing in SFY 24

06/30/2023New State Fiscal Year
06/30/2023Service Authorization Online Portal - UPDATE (7)
06/30/2023Free Training Provided from UAA Center for Human Development
06/29/2023Service Authorization Online Portal - UPDATE (6)
06/28/2023New Security Enhancements to One Healthcare ID

Optum Pay Alert Communication – Independence Day

06/23/2023Technical Assistance Teleconferences – July 2023
06/22/2023New Service Authorization Platform Demo
06/22/2023Medicaid Community Behavioral Health and Mental Health Physician Clinic Rate Setting Methodology Meetings – Save the Dates

Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement - June 23 2023


Provider Resource Links - Updated


Service Authorization Online Portal - UPDATE (5)

06/12/2023Service Authorization Office Hours (2)
06/12/2023Optum Pay Alert Communication – Juneteenth

Service Authorization Online Portal - UPDATE (4)

06/08/2023Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement - June 8, 2023
06/07/2023Service Authorization Online Portal - UPDATE (3)
06/07/2023Service Authorization Online Portal – UPDATE (2)
06/01/2023Service Authorization Online Portal - UPDATE
05/25/2023Service Authorization Online Portal

Optum Pay Alert Communication – Memorial Day

05/19/2023Optum Alaska Staffing Updates
05/17/2023Service Authorization Office Hours
05/15/2023Service Authorization Cluster Guidance
05/10/2023Retrospective Review Information & Instruction Sheet
05/03/2022Updated – 1115 SUD Waiver, SA Request Form
04/28/2023Provider Reference Links
04/13/2023Quarterly Provider Newsletter Issue #1
04/10/2023April 2023 Alaska Medicaid Newsletter 
04/07/2023Round Table Discussion with Alaska Behavioral Health Providers
03/22/2023Clarification for Service Authorization Process  
03/22/2023Procedure \ Modifier Grids
03/21/2023Claims Denying Incorrectly – Invalid Billing Provider NPI
03/21/2023Longer Than Usual Hold Times When Contacting the Call Center
03/16/2023Service Authorization Town Hall
03/14/2023Heath Care Services New Fiscal Agent
03/14/2023Tribal Encounter Rate CY 2023
03/13/2023Medicaid Payment Rates for Behavioral Health 1115 Waiver Services
03/02/2023Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement
02/21/2023Autism Services Providers Listening Session - March 22, 2023
02/14/2023Optum Pay Alert Communication – Presidents Day – 02/20/2023
02/14/2023Optum Alaska Behavioral Health Collaborative Conference 2023 - Provider Survey
02/09/2023Public Health Emergency Extended - February 9, 2023
02/09/2023Optum Pay Website Outage Due to Scheduled Maintenance: February 10, 2023 (12.5 hours)
02/06/2023Optum Alaska CEO Announcement - February 6, 2023
01/27/2023Optum Pay Website Outage Due to Scheduled Maintenance: January 27, 2023 (32 hours)
01/19/2023New Director of Provider Relations - January 19, 2023
01/11/2023Public Health Emergency Extended - January 11, 2023
01/09/2023Optum Pay Holiday Payment Schedule: Martin Luther King Jr. Day – January 16, 2023
01/06/2023January 2023 Alaska Medicaid Newsletter
01/05/2023Optum Pay Pre-Release Announcement – January 5, 2023 
01/04/2023Optum Alaska Behavioral Health Collaborative Conference Planning Team 

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We Want To Get to Know You Better

Please complete and return the attached questionnaire to help us understand your populations served, hours of operation, accessibility, and treatment options.

Dear Alaska Medicaid Provider,

Optum, a Division of UnitedHealth Group®, is pleased to inform you we have been awarded the State of Alaska’s Department of Health (DOH), Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) behavioral health administrative services organization (ASO) contract.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you in service delivery.

What You Need to Know

We know that new systems of doing business can be confusing.  As the ASO, Optum will eventually assume many of the responsibilities that you currently conduct with Conduent and Comagine Health. We, along with DBH, will provide you with all the necessary information as you transition to our services.   We have developed a dedicated Optum Alaska webpage to assist you and your beneficiaries.

To get started on participating with Optum as a provider the very first step is to obtain an Optum ID.  Go to our provider portal at Register for Access:  Select the First-time User link in the upper right hand corner of the home page and follow the prompts.

Get Paid Faster with Electronic Payments & Statements (EPS)

Today's health care environment doesn't afford the luxury of wasted time or waiting longer than necessary to be paid, which is why you need to enroll in Optum Financial Services Electronic Payments & Statements (EPS). This will allow you to receive direct deposit of claim payments into your designated bank account(s) and access explanation of benefits (EOBs) online or via 835 ERA files, please sign up for EPS.

Provider Meetings and Trainings

Trainings are posted at the Optum Alaska website on the Provider Meetings & Trainings page.

Technical Assistance Teleconferences are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month.  You may register by visiting the Provider Meetings & Trainings page.

Please go to this site to register for Technical Assistance Teleconferences and other training sessions.

We Are Here to Help

We look forward to building our relationship. If you have questions about how Optum will serve you as a provider, please email Optum Provider Relations at

We believe a strong provider system is the key to providing the highest quality of care to our customers and their members. We have enclosed some materials to get you started.


Provider Alerts

Optum will email Provider Alerts to distribute important information, such as trainings for Optum Behavioral Health Alaska Medicaid, announcements and important updates.

Providers should register for Provider email Alerts by completing registration in this link.

You may also use this link to unsubscribe from email Alerts.